Elvis and Presley

We had a fatality today. A raccoon broke in to our chicken pen and killed Presley. She was sitting on her eggs, not hurting anyone. 😦

It happened sometime last night. This morning Elvis started yelling once he realized that his wife was gone. The kids and I fanned out looking for Presley.

I climbed to the top of the barn and found what was left of Presley next to a big fat raccoon. I yelled for a kiddo to get me a gun. The raccoon tried to run from me and got himself cornered.

I am not thankful that we lost Presley. I am not thankful that her eggs were cold when we found what had happened and the babies were not able to be saved.

Tonight I am thankful that we have one less raccoon around here. I am thankful that the other chickens have been safe in the new chicken house built last year. Elvis and Presley were the last remaining chickens in the old barn with it’s old, easy-to-break wood. I am thankful that no other chickens will live in that barn ever again. And I am thankful that Elvis is ok.

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