Here we are . . the last week of school for two of my kiddos.

As a parent, you try to make the best decisions for your kiddos. You try to lift them up and give them the tools that they need to win. And this school year, I let one particular kiddo fall. This was on purpose.

Covid and distance learning brought to light some concerns with a few of my kiddos. And the kiddo that I let fall, well it was brought to light that his success in academics was not due to his own level of responsibility. At first I thought distance learning just wasn’t his thing (and it isn’t). In the winter, I was taking him in to the school for help. And it didn’t help that much. I tried to help. Teachers tried to help him. Until it became painfully clear that when someone else tried to help; he stopped helping himself. So I let him fall. Why?

Right now is the safest time to learn this hard life lesson. Nothing has happened this school year that can’t be fixed. Nothing has happened this school year that will damper his future. Some lessons mean the most when they are learned the hard way, and that is the path we’ve taken. And he will learn.

Tonight I am thankful for a safer place for kiddos to learn hard lessons. This kiddo will learn this lesson. He knows that I know that he can learn this lesson. And he knows that the teachers know that he can learn this lesson. He’s got a good cheering crowd behind him . . even if we’ve taken more steps back to cheer him from further back.

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