Memorial Day

For the past many years I have had some involvement with Memorial Day festivities in our little town.

There was no parade last year due to Covid. But, the year before that I had a booth for my real estate company and gave out balloons, sunglasses, bubbles, and other goodies. For many years before that I was in the parade, with the youth cheerleaders, driving and throwing candy for my real estate company, and helping with other groups that my kiddos were in that year.

This year my real estate company made a Memorial Day video featuring local loved ones that were lost. You can check it out here if you’d like:

Making this video was a touching work of the heart. A veteran friend of mine is the one speaking. She has such conviction and such a heart for those around her. Editing and putting together the submissions made me tear up a few different times. And, this was the first time I remember seeing a picture of my uncle who was lost. I have heard about him. But I don’t think I ever looked him up on the internet before. And there he was, sitting there in a newspaper clipping. He looks a lot like my grandma did.

After putting the finishing touches on the video, we were off to the parade. It was nice to just sit and enjoy the parade with my family! It had been several years for sure!

Tonight I am thankful for a good Memorial Day. I hope you all enjoyed the day. And I hope you all took time to remember the lives lost so that we could be free ❤

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