Trash Can Trees

Several years ago we bought a tree, probably around 6 feet tall, and planted it in the back yard. Around that time . . or maybe the following year, we placed old tractor tiles in a pile for the kids to climb on not far from the tree.

A seed was somehow planted inside the stack of tires. And the safety of the tires helped that little seed grow so well! That tree is now taller than the tree that we planted! It is crazy!

Well, we are planting lots of trees this year. And I wanted to recreate the environment that the tires made! But, I don’t want to put multiple piles of tires around my yard! I walked around the Dollar Tree with the kiddos and looked for the tallest thing we could find to protect the trees. A kiddo found small trash cans! That looked like it would work! Then we bought some flower scissors, also from Dollar Tree.

We cut the end out of the trash cans and cut a side open. This way, we can remove the trash cans later when the trees are big enough. We are going to have to get a special saw to get the tractor tires off the tire tree!! And viola! Our new trees have protective shields. And hopefully will grow super-duper great!

Tonight I am thankful for a (hopefully fantastic) Dollar Tree fix to help our new little trees stay safe and grow well!

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