Angel’s Wings

Once upon a time a lady (that’s me) had a dog named Bruno. Bruno was the lady’s best friend and her kid before having kiddos. The lady got married, had people-kiddos and another dog was added to the family; Molly. Molly loved Bruno. Bruno liked Molly for one thing. And boom . . puppies.

The lady knew that Bruno was getting on in years and decided to keep a puppy. The lady’s kiddos named the puppy Angel.

Angel is a Rottweiler, Lab, and Pitbull mix. And she is probably the biggest scaredy-cat, afraid-of-her-own-shadow dog that has ever walked this Earth. People who met Angel thought she was a rescue dog because of her scared-ness. Nope, she was just that way. She peed on the floor past the age of 5 or 6 whenever she heard a large noise or someone turned around quickly. She whined about everything and didn’t listen to anyone. Angel also loved to roll in any dead thing she could find . . every . single . time.

But, Angel had her good side. She once kept Molly (her mom) alive. Molly was an excellent dog! She looked after the kiddos and protected them. But, she also chased deer. One day Molly chased a deer and Angel went with her. Someone shot Molly from their tree stand. The arrow lodged in Molly’s spine. Angel laid on Molly’s wound and stopped a lot of the bleeding. Then Angel went to get help for Molly. For that, the lady was always thankful to Angel. And Angel was always good to the kiddos. One kiddo in particular had a special bond with Angel. And it warmed the lady’s heart to watch them together.

The lady got tired of cleaning up after Angel, chasing her down, bathing her, and listening to her whine . . . but the lady did love Angel very much.

Tonight I am thankful for one last night with Angel. She’s made it almost 14 years, which is pretty good for a large-sized dog; especially one afraid of her own shadow. This was a hard decision. But, her rapidly declining state yesterday and today has made it clear that this is what is best for her. And we do love her; we don’t want her to suffer.

Here is a picture of Angel in her younger days. Angel is the black dog. Molly is the gray dog. Angel will be very happy to see her Mommy-Molly again!

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