Calling Mom

I will admit that I’ve been in a little bit of a funk for the past several days. I thought it was stress.

But, this weekend we had the open house, we celebrated Father’s Day, and I got a bit of work done. The stress level was going down. And I still felt in a funk.

Today I called my mom. Moms are just good like that, you know. After a few minutes, I was feeling better. The things that were bothering me, my wonderful mom pointed out, were not from God.

You know how sometimes there are things that come in to your mind that you know are just bad. And they are easily recognizable as not-from-God. Then there are other things, sneaky things, things that make a person feel bad or worried; and the things seem so innocent when the thoughts start out. Yep, that’s what happened to me.

Tonight I am thankful that in just a few minutes today, my funk went away, my mental position changed, and my mood shifted. I went from feeling a bit helpless, a bit guilty, a bit sad, and a bit overwhelmed to remembering that God is always here; even when I can’t feel him or see him. I did some praying today. Prayers for my loved ones, prayers for myself, and whole lot of praying against the devil. He won’t win!

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