Puppy Love

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about our doggie Angel passing. She was almost 14 and it was time. She had been declining in health for well over a year.

Our two remaining doggies have been very sad. The 3 year old doggie is working thru his sadness and still has a bit of a puppy attitude to help him get by.

But, our other older doggie has not been doing near as well. The other older doggie was the main source of comfort for Angel. She loved taking care of her adopted sister. She has been very sad. For several days she didn’t even want to be in the living room. She has had an increase in seizures. And I have been getting very concerned about her.

With this, we have decided to get another puppy. We went and met her today. We get to bring her home soon ❤ I think she will fit right in! Our older doggie will have someone to take care of again! Our younger doggie will have a playmate that can keep up with him better. I think she will help them heal ❤

Tonight I am thankful for our new ball of puppy fluff! In just a few short days she will be here with us and everyone can meet! I think it will go very well!

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