Today I have two huge things to be thankful for! I do try to keep this blog at one a day. But, I will make an exception for today!

First, my family went to a new church this morning! We aren’t regular church go-ers. I am a Christian. And I do love God. I just haven’t been impressed with most churches to go. But, I’ve been researching. And I found a church close by whose pastors went to Rhema Bible College! I used to go to Rhema when I lived in Tulsa! And after that church, nothing else around here was even close to what I wanted. Until today. ❤

We were greeted with smiles. We went to the front desk and was greeted by a man with lots of tattoos on his arms, dyed hair, and a Hawaiian type shirt. The pastor wore blue jeans and had long hair. The congregation was a mix of different kinds of people. It was a church whose people were excited about a loving, caring, and forgiving God! I loved it! And we will be back! Mt Hope Church in Williamston was the church. From what I understand they are not affiliated with the Mt Hope Church in Lansing.

Second, we brought home Minnie today! Her name is Hermione. Minnie is her nickname. She is settling in pretty well! She’s had a busy day for such a little fluffball! Calypso loves her! Henry is super interested in her, but we don’t trust him 100% with her yet. She seems to love all the animals and people here! ❤

Tonight I am thankful for so many things! For today, I am especially thankful for going to an excited and loving church! And for bringing home the newest member of our family!!

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