I was NOT planning on being up this late. I have found that waking up when the house is quiet lets me get a bit of work done while being uninterrupted. But, well . . today is special.

I have this printer/copier machine that has needed some help. But, I am strategically waiting to get it some help, because very soon it will be moving to the new office building! Good plan, right?

Well, it was . . until it got really mad at me and refused to print. I spent some time this morning trying to get it to work. But, it refused.

This afternoon I stopped and picked up the printer/copier machine that I have been planning on getting to replace the big machine after it moves. No big deal right? I mean, I’ve budgeted for this. I’ve done research. I was prepared for this purchase!

Except, that printers don’t come with all the things a person needs to make a printer work anymore! Somewhere in this house I have boxes and boxes of cords. And I know for a fact that I have at least one, but probably two of the specific cord that I needed. Do you think I could find that special cord anywhere? Nope!

So from starting Monday morning wrestling with the old machine to Monday evening running in to town to get a stupid $20 cord that I already own to make the new machine work; I can at least report that I can now print on a piece of paper!

Tonight I am thankful for working technology! Geesh! If my handwriting was better, I would have just transcribed the stuff! Maybe even on a stone tablet to get this stuff done!

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