Some seasons in life seem to have a theme.

If I could sum up this season, it would be called “Learning which great ideas are actually great ideas for Me, Now”. Long title . . probably would never make the best seller’s list.

But I have lots of ideas! And some super great ones! But they aren’t all super great for me. Some of them are super great for me . . but not right now. I have a hard time deciphering these ideas at times, because I get so excited!

I’m not just dismissing the ideas right away either. I would get sad doing that! But, I’m walking them thru more of a path before making a decision.

And I am giving myself permission to say, this great idea is great! But it isn’t for me, right now. MAN OH MAN, that is hard for me to say! I’m working on it though!

Tonight I am thankful for spending time with ideas before chasing them. I used to think I was doing good when I spent a half a day on an idea. Now, I’m spending a little longer ❤

Good short term idea – letting a filter do my make-up! I’m tired! But with the magic of phone filters, no one will know how tired!! 😉 😉

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