Operation Breakfast

For the hubster’s birthday breakfast this morning, I enlisted the help of two teenagers.

Here is the love these kiddos have for their dad: two teenage people woke up around 7am, during summer, to make a Happy Birthday surprise! Now, that is love! One kiddo watched the puppy. While the second kiddo and I snuck out of the house! We returned a short time later with a bunch of McDonald’s breakfast items!

We spread the food on the table. We summoned the other two teenagers. And we were ready!

One kiddo went to get the hubster . . . who called us on our secret surprise!! The nerve! Agh! So, I authorized a kiddo to use the air horn. When the hubster walked in, the air horn went off! Ha! He still got surprised!! 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for a yummy and loud birthday surprise for the hubster!!

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