Six years ago I was chaperoning a 4th grade field trip to the Michigan History Museum. My son saw a shirt from the Delmac bike tour and wanted to set a goal to go. I told him we should start with a smaller goal. So I hopped online and found a bike race close by that was 15 miles.

For five years two kiddos and myself did the 15 mile bike race. It was a good goal every year! There was no race last year due to Covid. This year the race is back and it is shortened to 6 miles.

Woo Hoo we have a goal! And an easier goal at that!

Today a kiddo and I were going to go for a bike ride. I measured on a satellite mapping program. We were going to go three miles out and three miles back. Now we haven’t biked a lot yet this summer. And I am a little more out of shape than I care to admit. But, we could do it!

It felt like we were going for a long time. It turns out I remembered our goal road wrong. Oops! We actually went 7.6 miles. Not that 1.6 miles extra is a super big deal. But, my out of shape legs felt like it was a big deal!

Tonight I am thankful that we made it 7.6 miles today!! We will get up to our old 17 mile rural route! But it will take a little bit! 🙂

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