I am a person who doesn’t sit still well. This has led to many different things for me. Over the years, I have heard many times that I should rest more. But, I don’t rest well.

I never know how much explanation to give. My rests are moments. When I’m driving in my car, or when I stop and eat lunch in my car in the sunshine. Just moments. I rest in moments.

When I’m tired, I try to sleep. I handle stress well. And when I rest in my moments, I breathe and pray.

Tonight I watched a promo for a movie called “Why We Breathe”. One of the lines in the movie promo summed it up for me! ” . . . rest isn’t about not being busy. Rest is known’ why you breathe.”

Turns out maybe I am good at resting ❤

Tonight I am thankful for resting for the soul. I think that may be Grade A Resting right there 🙂

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