I’ve known for awhile that I am out of shape. As in, this is the most out of shape that I have been in my life . . . for awhile now.

Last year, turning 40, I thought would be good motivation for me to get my crap together. And I would . . for a few days.

I know there are scientific, biological reasons for weight gain. Hormones, metabolism slowing, etc. But, the problem is actually me, myself, and I.

I tend to eat like crap. I don’t sleep enough. I sit too much at my computer (when I could stand). I don’t exercise enough. I don’t sleep enough – and yes, sleep is such an issue that it deserves to be on the list twice!

I have found that my body does well with intermittent fasting. And that is good . . . when I stick with it. I know that carbs are a downfall from me . . . but I don’t stay away from them like I should.

I recently bought The Obesity Code. I had heard it mentioned in some fasting online groups. So far, it makes some good points. But, even better, it explains in a little more depth the bigger effects of lack of sleep and too many carbs. And it wasn’t condemning for me to read; more like an enlightening reminder.

Then there’s the exercise factor. Well, yes, I know I need to do that more. So I’ve been biking with one kiddo and we entered our bike race. For years I was a runner until I hurt my knee; but that was years ago. I’ve had plenty of time to get back in to running and haven’t. So I signed up for a 5k with another kiddo.

Tonight was my first run . . if you can call it a run. I did run a little. I have a long way to go! But, tonight I finished my mile and a half that I set out to do!

Tonight I am thankful that I didn’t give up! There was rain for a little bit. There were screams from my shins and hips. There was wetness in my shoes from the rain covered road and grass. But I kept going. And I’ll only get better from here!
The goal: Health! And the view tonight: Beautiful!

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