Get My Crap Together?

Tonight was a run night. Two nights ago my legs felt great on our run! My lungs were a bit upset that I let them get so out of shape. But, I was excited that several days off and new shoes had helped with the shin splints!

Tonight, with the first steps, I realized that I wasn’t as better as I thought I was. The shin splints were very mad at me. And my knee is not as built up as I’d like it to be.

This absolutely sucks! Not only is our 5k in just under 7 weeks, another kiddo has decided to come and run also! I’ve got to get my crap together here!!

Tonight I am really wanting to feel upset and frustrated. But, I know that won’t get me anywhere. So, tonight I choose to be thankful for time to rest. No running for a few days. I am thankful for some muscle ointment to help my muscles relax and rebuild. And I am thankful that although I really want to run the entire 5k, I do realize this is a process and as long as I keep making progress . . that is good. I am thankful for the opportunity to extend myself some grace.

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