Don’t See

I like to take pictures. The sun was shining thru my window today and I thought I’d go for a selfie. I think it turned out pretty good with the sun!

Here’s what you don’t see:
– At my 2nd to last appointment today, I pulled in a driveway, pulled my keys out of the ignition, and turned on the car alarm. All the neighbors were startled.
– I silenced my phone earlier and forgot to un-silence it for awhile, missing some messages and calls. (I’ve heard a feature where you can set a timer for the ringer-silence. I need to look for that).
– I woke up before my alarm and was unpleased at this discovery.
– I almost forgot to take my lunch with me – that was so lovingly prepped and cooked for me! Fortunately my daughter reminded me!
– I’m going to bed in a little bit without cleaning out my inbox! It can wait until tomorrow.

Here’s the point, I reviewed this selfie and thought – hey, I look like I’ve got it pretty together!

Tonight I am thankful that none of us really have it all together! I am thankful that God is with me and I don’t need to have it all together! And I am thankful that things don’t all have to be all together to be happy! The smile in the picture was real, I was enjoying the sun shining thru my windows ❤

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