Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

2:58am – Power reported out to the energy company.

3:06am – Power company estimated 10:15am would have power restored. Took at least a half hour to fall back asleep.

5:06am – Alarm went off – hit snooze

5:25ish – After hitting snooze a few times, yellow flashy lights were out my window. Repair crew was here!

7ish – Power came back on around this time. Yay!

7:30 – 7:45am – Popping noise has came from power strip several times.

7:50am – I realize that an angry cat has pottied on my power strip. GRRR! Angry cat is now grounded! No cat toys for her! Power strip keeps popping and smells like burning. I am in a panic as I am now multiple hours behind in work and my newer computer was plugged in to this power strip.

7:55am – Realized the ceiling fan has stopped and that the breaker was tripped from the defecting power strip. Flipped the breaker. Replaced the power strip. Computer is ok. Whew!

8:00am – Started working three hours past planned time. Didn’t sleep enough from power outage. Still recovering from last few days of sickness. Feel like crying.

Tonight I am thankful that the day got better. And I’m going to bed! Where I will sleep with a fan on because we have power! Yay!

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