Adulting . . Cake?

Today was a big day for me! Today I adulted very well. I would like a button . . or maybe a lollipop . . or cake. Yes, cake would be great!

Anyway, today I had a phone conversation with a past client. When we parted ways, I was a tad on the hurt-feelings side of things, as I had tried very hard for this client. We are talking about working together more in the future again.

Now here’s where the adult part came in.

I had a list in front of me. We talked about expectations and I defined boundaries of my work. If this client was going to need something outside of these boundaries, then it wasn’t going to work. I won’t cut quality or integrity to keep a client. And this was made known; although not in those words.

Tonight I am thankful for staying calm today and sticking to my guns! I think we reached a positive and amicable solution! Yay!

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