Hope For

I don’t like endings. I don’t like goodbye’s. I’ll watch 9 seasons of a show and skip the last episode or two so that I don’t have to say goodbye. I read the ending of a book first, to soften the finishing of the story by the time I get there.

This kiddo graduating thing had a lot of things that ended. A lot of them were for the good. She did not do several activities her senior year that she had done in previous years. And she was happier because of it. Although it was the end of high school, it was easier to be happier for her because she had worked so hard personally to do things on her terms.

This though, today and tomorrow, this one is bittersweet. This is the last Girl Scout trip for her troop. This is a group of girls who are very different in some ways, but still stick together and enjoy each other’s company. This is a leader who has cared for these girls and wanted to make sure they were enjoying the experience of being with their troop.

This has been an experience to enjoy, just watching the magic that this group makes together. I feel blessed to be able to come along some times and be a part of this dynamic.

Tonight I am thankful for this group of girls and their leader. This is the kind of positive experience that a parent’s heart hopes will be a part of their child’s life. This is something I will always be thankful for ❤

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