Here we are at the beginning of the first week of school! This past school year taught us a few things for sure.

In this house, it taught us some things that we needed to work on. And it taught us even more, to take an even more active part of what is going on with our kids.

As parents we are told to be involved, but back off. Care about the kids, but give them freedom. Take care of them and keep them out of trouble, but don’t hover.

Here is my suggestion for parents out there: Do what is right for you and your child in the situation that you are in. Seriously. Do your research, but don’t listen to anyone blindly. As a parent, you have this special position to help your child like no one else can. So listen in discernment to those who offer advice, and watch your children to see what they need.

What they will need will not always be the easiest route to travel. It won’t always be filled with rainbows and sunshine lighting the path. But, keep your heart open and keep your intentions consistently looking for what is right. I think that is the best that any parent can do.

Tonight I am thankful that this house learned a few things over the past school year. We have made some good decisions (I’m pretty sure) that will be blessings to our kids. And we’ve had lots of discussions about why we are doing what we are doing. We are doing the best we can, and trusting God with everything beyond that. Here’s to another year of school!! ❤

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