There are moments in a person’s life that define a time of personal significance. Today I was reflecting on such a time. There is a place that I didn’t go often, but that consumed so much of my emotions as a child; just due to the people that were there.

Emotions, oh there were always so much emotions. Failed expectations, disappointments, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of not belonging, homesickness, and overall uneasiness. But in all of this, there were some good moments in this time gone by. In some of the bad moments, I learned a lot about myself, about forgiving others, a little bit how to set boundaries and speaking up for myself no matter if I felt bad for possibly hurting someone else’s feelings because I wasn’t “going with the flow”. And best of all, there was a bond built with a family member that is cherished today still.

Tonight I am thankful for a little trip down memory lane today. I tend to remember things the way I want to remember them, or the least painful way. Today was a little more real. And although some of the harder feelings flushed thru me, it was good to remember to be thankful for the good things that last ❤

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