I am not good at scheduling. I used to think I was either really good or really bad. Time has proved that I am not good.

For example, I once took a kiddo to a birthday party the day after the party. I once took my family to use our train tickets an entire day early (and the hubster had taken a day off of work for that). I had booked us a hotel in Canada before when we were not staying in Canada. And well, I planned some big things on the kiddo’s first day of school.

Tonight I am thankful that maybe I can be a good life lesson for the kiddos that just because a person is not good at something, does not mean they should stop trying! I will keep trying! And I’m sure I will mess up our schedules again! But I am also thankful that the kiddos had their first day of school today and got some assignments complete, even though they didn’t have as much time as they should with school!

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