She Did

Just a reminder, I have both my Real Estate Broker’s license and my Real Estate Appraiser’s license. At my last appraisal appointment today I stayed for an hour. Really I could have been done with the house in under a half hour. And I expected this homeowner to want me to be in and out of her home. She had already shared some of the hard times that her family was going thru.

But, sometimes a person needs to vent a little. And she did. Sometimes a person needs to share some things without judgement and let a tear or two slide down their cheeks. And she did. Sometimes a person gets tired of standing strong for too long; and they have to bend a little so the don’t break. And she did.

Tonight I am thankful that I was the one who went to this lady’s home today. She was embarrassed about the state of the home. She was emotional and tired. I told her I would pray for her and her family. She said she would never forget me. Tonight I am thankful I was there.

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