That Version

I will always be a fan of the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. There are a lot of good things in that movie. And it is just cute!

There is one of the lines in there that says, “Do you ever feel that you’ve become the worst version of yourself? That’s a Pandora’s Box of all the secret hateful parts . . . has sprung open.”

For the past week and a half I’ve been facing the worst version of myself with my schedule. So not going right along with the movie, it hasn’t been the worst, hateful version of myself. But it is this head-down, plow thru everything to get things done version.

I don’t like that version. I mean that is an efficient version of me . . kind of. I get a lot done. But, I’ve been working for years to develop systems and procedures that make everything go more efficient. Yet, something slips in my schedule or my planning and I instantly revert back to this charge-ahead version that doesn’t ask for help and doesn’t pick her head up to breathe in life.

Ah, this work-aholic, stubborn, tunnel-visioned version of myself is irritating! She just jumps in and takes over before I know what has happened.

Tonight I am thankful that I am seeing things need to change asap. I am thankful that I am seeing this in a matter of weeks this time instead of a matter of months. Earlier this year, it seemed to take a matter of months.

I am thankful that changing can be as easy as this – I am changing. I still have to work out all the details. But change starts with a decision. And I’m deciding 🙂

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