There will always be people who make you question the things you have done for them. Maybe you give your heart or your time or your attention. And those things aren’t given back to you. Don’t let that stop you.

Of course if there is a repetitive cycle of you giving and the other person not giving; well then it is time to set some healthier boundaries. But, it is important not to let someone else define you.

I’ve been feeling it lately. I’ve thought about changing some things. Maybe I shouldn’t give so much. Sometimes it gets tiresome. But, I am a giver. That is a part of me. Why should I change when I’ve done nothing wrong?

So I am reminding myself, as well as writing it here. Don’t let them change you. Make a note of it, reset boundaries, and keep being kind.

Tonight I am thankful for the moments to re-evaluate and still come out choosing good. It stings. It always stings at least a little. Some great lyrics from the song Open Arms seem fitting here, (I can’t find the lyrics online, but it is something like this): “Open arms leave the heart unprotected, leaves it open for the better or the worse. Open arms can make the good times sweeter, just let the Healer touch your heart when it hurts”.

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