Finally Signed and Done!

I know I haven’t written much lately on my family’s Dave Ramsey debt free journey. Sometimes there are just things in life that aren’t planned for, and/or times that the budgeting goals just change. So I feel a little like we’ve been moving slow.

Ah, but about a year ago I started looking in to refinancing our house. I knew we could get a better interest rate. And I talked to a few lenders. But honestly, the amount of the closing costs made the whole thing not worth it for where we are at right now.
**P.S. Make sure to shop around! We had quotes of closing costs ranging from $2645 to just under $10,000! The differences between lenders was shocking!**

Anyway after talking to people, getting quotes, giving up, and then starting up again, we finally made it to the closing table today! Yes today we signed our refinance paperwork, saving hundreds every month and lowering our interest rate substantially with very low closing costs! What a relief!

After we signed, we went out to dinner to celebrate! The picture below is the light above our table 🙂 It looked neat . . and like a little celebration! Just like how we were feeling!

Tonight I am thankful for being done with this longer-than-necessary journey of getting ourselves in a better place! I am also thankful for a very yummy dinner! And I am thankful to have learned that at Olive Garden, when you order an entree, you can then order up to 5 dinners-to-go from 3 dinner choices for $5 each! The kiddos all got dinner from Olive Garden too tonight! And that was not in the original plan! They were thankful too!

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