What a wonderful and exhausting day!!!

The day started out with helping to set up and run a booth at a festival!! And they had a Popcorn Cart kiddie corner from the booth! It smelled and tasted delicious! I had a kiddo come with me to check out the booths and be a helper ❤ And there were several people I knew that passed by our booth that I got chat with!

Then it was back home to change, grab a few things, and then off to help take pictures and videos at a friend’s wedding! This happens to be the friend that video taped my wedding almost 20 years ago! He and his lovely bride were a joy to watch today ❤ I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!!

Next it was back home to grab two kiddos, one of whom was waiting to solve a cell phone problem! If you have Verizon and have any issues, I highly recommend visiting Bobby Boutin at the Okemos Verizon store! This was our second time going in with issues and he was amazing! Super nice and helpful!

Kiddos and I had a few other errands to run. So we did a little shopping 🙂 And I found this friendly fellow! 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for a very full and very heart-filled day! It was wonderful! And I am ready for bed!

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