I am pretty sure I’ve talked about two specific trees before in my blog. This morning during a morning walk with my doggie I was praying. These past two weeks have exhausted me. I had, once again, been charging straight ahead, like I tend to do.

Then my doggie and I walked by the trees. And I was reminded of something. The small tree on the left was a tree that we planted. We bought it from the store, stuffed it in the vehicle, brought it home, shoveled the hard ground, watered it regularly carrying 5 gallon buckets filled with water, and let it grow.

The tree on the right is one that God planted at least a year or two after the one we planted. We had the tires set up for the kids to play on years ago with the swing set. A bird or something deposited a seed inside the tires. And look at that tree!

God’s tree started much smaller than our tree and was planted after our tree. But God’s tree had better timing in better ground.

Que the analogy for life. On our own, we can definitely do a job, like make a tree grow. But, if we wait for God’s timing and God’s plan, it just works a lot better; like the tree on the right.

Tonight I am thankful for my reminder to calm down and try to follow God’s plan. It just works better. It is also much less stressful, just knowing that God not only has a plan, but a much bigger and better plan with less troubles than our plan!!

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