Over the weekend I ran away. I walked out of my back door, went out to the barn, and hid behind a pile of wood. I heard a kiddo yell for me from the back door. I didn’t answer. Awhile later I heard a kiddo putting something in the barn. I held still.

Was there anything horribly wrong? No
Was I ready to really run away? No

Sometimes a person just needs a few moments of quiet. And that’s where I was.

I didn’t want to go for a drive.
I didn’t want a drink.
I didn’t want a nap.
I didn’t want to do anything but sit in quietness.
I didn’t want to feel anything.
I didn’t want to think anything.

Tonight I am thankful for many moments of quiet in a barn this past weekend. It was a good many moments of quiet. It is good for the soul ❤

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