This is Grizal, aka Grizzy, aka Grizella, aka Griz.

Griz has no toes. She was once a fiesty barn cat who didn’t like people. In the winter of sub-zero temperatures several years ago, Griz didn’t stay with the other kitties and got frostbite on her toes.

Griz is still fiesty, but she lives inside now. And her body has been weakened by the frozen time.

About 2 years ago, Grizzy’s ear turned in to a pizza pocket shape. She had itched and shaken her head so much that it filled up with fluid. That would be the floppy ear in this picture.

This past weekend she did the same to her other ear. She is currently living in the recovery room a.k.a. bathroom, as she has a cone on her head and stuff in her ear. She has to live in the bathroom for another week until she goes back in to the vet for a re-check.

Last night, I got up to use the bathroom. I was half asleep. I didn’t turn the light on, just the nightlite was on. I looked over and Grizzy wasn’t moving. She was flattened against the wall. I called her name and she didn’t move. I figured, this was it. Her little body just had enough. 😦 Tears came to my eyes.

Then she meowed. My sleepy eyes were looking at the stuffed animal monkey that the kids had given Grizzy to snuggle with! Grizzy was not laying against the wall. She was snuggled in her cat bed a few feet away from the stuffed monkey!

Tonight I am thankful that Grizzy is alive and kicking! I was seriously upset for about 15 seconds last night thinking all the trauma was more than she can take. I was so relieved that I was just half-asleep and staring at a stuffed animal! I can laugh about it now!
She will soon have a second floppy ear once this one heals. I sure love that no-toed, floppy eared little gal!

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