Meth and Fleas

I have both my Certified Residential Appraiser’s license and my Associate Broker license; owning both an appraisal company and a real estate brokerage. The two licenses work well together.

It is hard to analyze market data of what a typical buyer would pay for a house, if you’ve never taken a buyer thru a house! The profession is set to quantify purchases based both on necessity and emotions. It is hard to quantify emotional purchases. And on my other license, I am better equipped to talk prices with buyers and sellers knowing how an appraiser will be valuing the property later on in the transaction. The two licenses really do work well together.

In the day to day, there are some times when I like one license over the other. This week, as a broker, I’ve gotten a property under contract, walked thru a home inspection, and hopefully advised my clients well. I also am negotiating with a new company to help our company. And working on getting our new office up to par.

This week, as an appraiser, I’ve entered a vacant home with killer fleas. Well, the owners had set off bug bombs and not told me about the fleas. The fleas were not killed and irritatingly thought I was lunch. On another day I discovered tenants of a duplex making meth in the basement – I guess they didn’t know I’d be going in the basement and taking pictures. And on another day I was consulting with a nationwide group about what legal steps to take for unethical behavior of another “professional”.

Tonight I am thankful that both licenses do have ups and downs. I am also very thankful that tomorrow is Friday. I’ve had enough of one of these licenses for the week! Well . . I guess I’ll stick with it for one more day . .

See this gal down here? She is much more excited to do all the work than I feel right now.

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