Missing It

We missed a few weeks of church. I was missing it. I know that might sound weird, as I’ve shared that we didn’t go to church for several years. But really, the not attending church did not have anything to do with anything; except that I didn’t know of any church around here that could compare with the Rhema church from when I lived in Oklahoma. But, now that we have found the Mt Hope Church in Williamston, I am excited.

Today, my family was tired. All of us. We all were working hard for many, many days to have the office ready. And yesterday’s party was great, but was the final exhausting leg of that journey!

But, we got up and we went to church! It was a great sermon! It felt so good to be there! It is such a blessing to have a church that is truly excited and full of love! Then we went to lunch afterwards.

Tonight I am thankful for a great day today with church, lunch, and some evening resting at home with family. ❤ There was a few hours in between the lunch and the evening resting where work happened. But that was some low-key work helping others. So it was good too. ❤

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