Kangaroo Kitty

Ok, I have wanted this shirt for a year! Santa forgot to bring it to me (I swear I was a good girl last year! . . mostly . . )

It was ordered to be a birthday present for me. And it got here a little late. But, it got here! Today!

Look at Owley! This is my oldest kitty cat. She always wants on my lap. But she is old. She falls easily. She has either strokes or seizures and does not have the best control of her claws. We call her “sticky claws” since she can’t always control when she sticks to things with her claws. Sticky claws are not comfy when she is on my lap!

Tonight I am thankful for my new kitty-carrying sweatshirt! Other kitties will get to be in it also. Owley was just the first. She loved it! 🙂

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