Yesterday was a very eventful day. See, I’m already trying to set the tone here by calling it eventful. It was not the best, to say the least. One of the things about having two separate state licenses and two separate businesses; is that sometimes both of these can erupt at the same time. And that was yesterday.

I did a little venting. Then I stopped.

Many years ago, I learned a very important lesson about perspective. When things get to feel overwhelming and like I am being swept away; I remember that I have a choice. When you feel like you have to do something, you lose a bit of empowerment. To one extreme, you feel a little more victimized by life. But when you choose to do something, you take more of that power back. And you are no longer a victim.
You may say , well I really don’t have a choice with some of these life things. I really have to do them! And that may be true. But you still get to choose to do them. It is a small, but powerful difference. And it takes away some of the overwhelming feelings of life.

Tonight I am thankful that today was better than yesterday. And I am thankful for the opportunity to have a choice to continue with both licenses and both businesses; with the goal to be a blessing to others and to do my job to the upmost of my ability, serving my clients well. See, I’m reminding myself again here too! Because that is much better than feeling beat up by recent events for sure!

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