Here we are. The hubster and I outside the church where we got married twenty years ago!

It’s funny I guess, it doesn’t feel like it’s been twenty years! I still feel like I am in my 20’s!!

If you would have asked me at year 3, I would have told you that I had serious doubts that we were going to make it.

If you would have asked me at year 6, I would have told you that we were done. We were over. There was no hope.

If you were to ask me now, I would say that my Mom was right. A good marriage is not 50/50. A good marriage is when both people give 100%. Then if one person falls short, your partnership never falls below 100%. Of course, that is within reason. One person can’t continually carry more than their share!

Tonight I am thankful for 20 years of marriage to this fellar. Sometimes we stayed married because we were too stubborn to admit defeat! But it worked! He grounds me. I keep him moving. I love that he keeps trying. And I’m sure that he appreciates that in me as well.

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