For the past two or three years, I have felt God impressing on me to get better processes with my businesses. And I’ll work on it for awhile. Then I’ll stop. Then I’ll get side tracked. Really, I’d rather work and get things done. Stopping to reflect and make things better is not what jumps to the front of my list when deadlines and emails are swarming around me. But I have made progress. I am a lot farther now than I was 2, or even 1 year ago.

Then this evening not one, but two really big things pushed their way to the front of my attention to show me that I still have big changes to make. Like NOW.

My kids still need more of my time. I tend to think sometimes, that we are good because I can work a lot from home. So we can talk while I work. And that is good to a point. But, the undivided attention has been less lately. And it is showing. And that is on me.

With this realization in front of me, there was also a notice from a pretty good client that they want to increase their work with me on a regular basis starting next week. I need a plan to work less and keep up with more work starting NOW. Whew.

I said a prayer, went for a drive, and called my Mommy! I think I have a good plan to move forward with.

Then I look at this picture from yesterday. It was so relaxing. I was so relaxed. I watched the sunset over the lake. I enjoyed a romantic dinner. I soaked in a Huge tub. I want more of that for me. I need to relax a little more too. I look so tired. I have been so tired.

Tonight I am thankful for a plan. I will make time to start changing to this plan. Things need to change. And now is the time. I am thankful for the chance to change things up, again! I think there’ll always be a need to keep changing and improving!

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