Miss Mittens

A little over eight and a half years ago I found this kitty half frozen on the side of the road. There was a snow storm. The kids had a snow day from school. I pried her off the side of the road, wrapped her in my jacket, and brought her home.

She was up against some odds – physically from being frozen and well, situationally. The hubster had tried making a house rule of no more inside kitties. That was just not going to happen. But, this kitty had to win him over first. She did.

She ended up being his baby. He would pet her and cuddle her. And tell her that she was the prettiest cat. Our whole family loved her.

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to love this kitty for almost nine years. I cried so much this morning that my eyes still hurt. I knew it was coming. She had been getting worse, very quickly. But that didn’t make it any easier. I am very thankful that we were privileged enough to be her family and give her love. ❤

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