You know how in life there are very detailed-oriented people? That is not me. I do put forth some effort. But, it can be amazing, even to me, how my “normal”, looks; or how my regular, with lack of effort, can be.

Take today for example. There were two things very close to each other.

First, I left the house for some appointments. On the way to the first appointment my gas light came on. I was a little late, so I figured I could make to the appointment and then get gas later. I was right. I left my first appointment, pulled up to the gas station, and realized I had forgotten my purse at home. I was maybe 35 – 40 miles away from home and had under 30 miles left in my tank. Fortunately, I try to safeguard against myself. I had stashed money in my car for just such an occasion. I actually surprised myself. Usually I just stash a couple bucks. But as luck, or divine intervention, would have it today; I found a $10. That gave me enough gas to get home and get my purse!

Then I was off to appointment number two. At that appointment, I met a woman a couple of decades older than me. She gave me a disapproving look when I entered her house. I smoothed my hair, thinking maybe the wind had me looking a little out of order. Nope, she eyed me the entire time like I was going to rob her or something. I was there as an appraiser. I wasn’t running a fashion show. After walking thru a few rooms, I stopped caring and just continued on. It wasn’t until I walked out of the house that I noticed the neck strap to my tablet had apparently caught on the shirt under my jacket and pulled it down. I wasn’t completely flashing the woman . . but I looked a smidge less than professional.

Tonight I am thankful that no matter what a mess I am, God still loves me. Seriously, I am not the most qualified person out there in regards to life skills. But thru divine intervention, the little details of the day just seem to never be as bad as they be. ❤

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