Going to Market

I have always liked the “idea” of farmer’s markets. But, I am not a big vegetable eater (I wish I liked them!). And several years ago, the Farmer’s Market that I had visited was pretty much 99% foods I didn’t eat in bulk and only used to cook with.

Then this year . .

This year my daughter had spent time researching a gluten free baker. And we have went to two different farmer’s markets several times so far. I like them! 🙂 And, they have so much more than vegetables. I have gotten several things that I have eaten and used! I even bought some all natural soap in the shape of Michigan!

Tonight I am thankful for my daughter asking, encouraging, and reminding me enough times for us to go to farmer’s markets this year! I love that we are supporting local people! I love that the products and foods are natural! And I love that there has been plenty of things there that my daughter can have without gluten!

This morning’s Holt Farmer’s Market had this pumpkin head feller out front! And yes, I mean the inflatable! Not me! 😉

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