It’s funny, the little things that can just warm your heart ❤

For years, the kiddos and I would go on our adventures. When the hubster had a previous job he worked a lot. So it would be the kiddos and I off to do things. They would come with me to work sometimes and we would find something fun to do with whatever town we were in. It was fun!

Now the hubster is home more. And it is great! And I love having him here and watching him with with the kiddos more.

We had an outing planned tonight. But the hubster hurt his back again today. So he had to stay home. And just that feeling of getting in the car with the kiddos. It was just a few minutes. But I looked around the car as we were leaving the driveway and my heart lighted right up!

Tonight I am thankful for having such wonderful kiddos ❤ I am thankful for a wonderful hubster also. But tonight specifically I am thankful for my wonderful and amazing kiddos ❤

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