Ah, the budget. One of the things that has made a big difference in life on our Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace journey has been the budget.

I am not the biggest fan of actually doing the budget. But, I do like when the budget is done AND we stick to it.

One thing I have been thankful for is timing. I am thankful that we started our Debt Free journey when we did. And I am thankful that we are where we are at on our journey now.

In this house we have four teenagers. Teenagers are known the world over for eating large amounts of food. The few times a year when we get our household favorite of Pizza Hut, well we go a little crazy. It all reheats well if we have left overs. And in our monthly budget, we have a line for eating out.

Tonight is one of the nights I am thankful for the budget. Satisfying this house’s hunger for Pizza Hut takes planning! And budgeting 🙂

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