I had a Facebook memory earlier this week from when I took my Mom to a Financial Peace event in Grand Rapids a few years ago. That was two years in to our own Debt Free journey. I could see how the Baby Steps were working and changing our lives. 🙂

This week was a testament to how far this walk has taken us in life. This week there was an expensive and urgent predicament. This would negatively affect several lives. And we were able to take care of the situation before it became a catastrophe.

Please note – this post is not to brag! This side of ten years ago we would have been helpless. My insides would have been in knots. Tears would have been on my face. And I would have been racking my brain trying to think of how we could solve this calamity.

But with several years of hard work, discipline, making a plan, falling off the plan, getting back on the plan, and repeating that cycle; we were in a place now where we could help. And although the situation sucked, it was over quickly.

Tonight I am thankful for this path towards Financial Peace. We are getting there slowly but surely! Dave Ramsey says you want an umbrella ($ emergency fund) because life is going to rain some times. And this week has proven, yet again, that it is easier to dry off from life’s storms when you have an umbrella!

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