Different View

Have you ever heard a message that stuck with you?

It’s been a few weeks now. But it still plays thru my head.

I was sitting in church. The pastor was talking about faith. And he talked about when Jesus healed people. I’ve read those versus before. I’ve heard those stories talked about before. They are good and important scriptures!

But, I hadn’t put these accounts together like the pastor did.

He talked about the woman who went thru the crowds to touch Jesus’s garment, the man that came to Jesus and brought him to his house to heal his daughter, and the man who told Jesus that he didn’t need to come – all he had to do was say the words and his loved one would be healed, among others. Now, I had read these before. Aren’t they wonderful? Every time, they were told that their faith made them healed.

But, all of their faith was different.

I hadn’t thought of that before. God met each person where there faith was. They all got their prayers answered. And they were all praying for healing.

That was a great thing, to draw all those things together. Sometimes we forget that God wants to bless us where we are. We think we need to have faith like this person or be in life where another person is. But, God has never said we need to do that.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder that God wants to meet us where we are right now. Not just to give us love and forgiveness; but to give us all of the good things that he wants to bless us with – which he says is more than we could even imagine ❤

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