Changing the Sun

Last week, I was looking forward to the weekend having an extra hour of sleep! And that was all the thought that I had about Daylight Savings . . . Until, I saw a meme about it being dark out an hour earlier in the day.

I don’t know why that didn’t dawn on me before. CRAP! I already had appraisal appointments set for this week, with late afternoon times! AHH! As a broker, I can show houses to clients without sunlight. That can be ok (although we want to see the houses in the daylight too, to see all there is to see!). As an appraiser, it is imperative to have daylight!

I may be cutting it a little close this week! This picture was tonight, right after my last appointment. This picture makes it look a little lighter than it was. It was definitely getting dark out. By the time I got back home, there was only a sliver of daylight to the west on the horizon.

Tonight I am thankful for getting my appointments done with enough daylight today! I was having my doubts for a little bit there!!

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