A very good recent addition to our house has been this sweatshirt with a cat pocket. I may have even written about it before, I don’t remember.

This kitty cat here is our oldest cat. She falls down often. She can’t control her claws all the time. And she just feels better with someone holding her. ❤

But I have things to do!

So now I can put her in the kitty pocket and continue on with my work. She loves it. She looks at me now to see if I’m wearing the right sweatshirt. She’s been waiting all day. So tonight I went and put on the cat-pouch sweatshirt just for her. Look how happy she is (and a little smug because she got what she wanted!).

Tonight I am thankful for a sweatshirt with a cat pocket! I feel somewhat like a kangaroo 😉 But, it sure comes in handy!

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