Sausage Roll

I follow LadBaby on Facebook. They are hilarious! And I love how excited and down to Earth they are! 🙂

Mark there is known for his love of Sausage Rolls! He and his wife Roxanne (Rox) made a Christmas children’s book!!! I ordered it! 🙂 And it came today!!!!

It is a cute story! And no, no one eats Great the Sausage Roll!!

And . . I will admit to also ordering the Greg the Sausage Roll stuffed toy. 🙂 It is on it’s way. It is ok!! My Christmas budget allows for at least one new Christmas toy per season! 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for our new Christmas book for 2021.

P.S. if you are a lover of accents like myself, you can totally read this book with a British accent! 🙂

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