Ah the snow today was pretty, wasn’t it?

And cold. The snow was cold.

I have been in denial I guess . . I have not yet gotten out my winter coat. I was out of the state for the last bit of snow a week or so ago. I do have a heavier jacket. I was wearing that. I don’t have a hat or gloves in my car yet. I’m not sure where my window scraper is. (I believe we have at least a dozen different window scrapers scattered around here . . but I don’t know where any are!)

Tonight I am thankful for some snow. I will get my winter coat out this weekend. I will have a hat and gloves tomorrow! And although I was losing feeling in my fingers for a bit today, this weather makes me about ready for Christmas Carols!! And that is exciting!

(And I think I will watch White Christmas very soon!)

Premium Vector | Cartoon cute winter, cat playing snow ball .

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