Not That Bad.

I had several appointments today.

Unfortunately my replacement toner is bad. I haven’t been able to print since yesterday. I am mostly electronic. But, I do like to have my paper for when I am driving around. Eh, so no printed papers for me. I did jot down appointment notes in a notebook and kept it on my passenger seat.

I really just wanted to stay home in my comfy clothes in front of my heater. But, instead I had to go out in the rainy mist.

Tonight I am thankful that I have electronics to use for my appointments! I am thankful that I have paper to write on. I am thankful for warm clothes to wear in the cold. And I am thankful for a rainy coat in my car for when it gets really wet!

Tonight I am choosing to be thankful instead of complaining. Because really, the things aren’t that bad at all!

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