When I was a little girl I loved reading Clifford books!

When my kiddos were littler, we read Clifford book together. And now Clifford had a tv show they could watch and an animated movie.

When I saw the movie coming out for Clifford with real people, I was skeptical. In the past several years, there have been several cartoon movies made in to real people movies that I have not been super fond of. But, after the previews, I was interested!

Tonight a kiddo and I went to see Clifford the movie at our favorite, Sun Theater in Williamston! This was my first time back to the Sun, since they’ve opened back up! So of course, I had to wear my Sun hoodie! And my movie-watching kiddo had the idea of red leggings to match Clifford! So, we were all decked out for the movie tonight!

Tonight I am thankful that Clifford the movie was very good! I liked it! I give it two thumbs up! And I am thankful for going back to the Sun Theater! It was great to be back in there watching a movie! And we did get a fresh bucket of popcorn to take home to the family members who couldn’t come. We’ve gotten spoiled and hooked on the popcorn to-go at the Sun! I am so glad they are keeping the popcorn to-go!! It is so yummy! 🙂

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