Telling the Tea

Well here, I’m going to get all personal and share some details. I haven’t written much because I really don’t want to hear anybody’s 2 cents on any of this. So bear that in mind as you read . . I’m just writing this for my blog; for something that I am thankful for, not to have any debates or discussions. I am very exhausted.

While my kiddo and I were out on our trip, almost two weeks ago, two family members here at home tested positive for Covid. And sure enough, a few days later, the other two family members at home tested positive for Covid. The trip-kiddo and I have stayed away from the other four. I’ve been sleeping on my floor of my home-office to stay away from the others. For the record, my floor is NOT comfortable!

Two nights ago I took the hubster to the hospital. He had been getting better, but then got worse again. So we went in. I will say, the hubster had looked online, there was a 5+ hour wait at Sparrow’s emergency room. I checked in to urgent cares and redi-cares, they all had over a day wait. I called the Chelsea hospital and couldn’t get a good answer. But, the Eaton Rapids Medical Center was wonderful. They were so nice on the phone. And they were quick and nice while we were there. The hubster has gotten Covid Antibodies and is showing some improvement now.

Tonight I am thankful in advance for everyone keeping their comments to themselves here. I don’t want to discuss vaccines or masks or anything. I will say there are people in this house that are vaccinated and some that are not. If you’ve seen me out and about, I do not have Covid.

Tonight I am thankful that the hubster is getting better. I am thankful that the first kiddo who tested positive, is now negative! I am thankful that hopefully everyone here will be all healthy again soon. And I am praying for those that are fighting Covid right now. There are a few close to me that are not doing well, and they have my prayers ❤

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